About Jensen Law

Jensen Law is Interior British Columbia's premier criminal defence law firm. We are a small but dynamic group of lawyers who conduct trials and represent clients at every level of court proceeding throughout British Columbia, Western Canada and the Territories.  

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a full and fair defence to any charge from quasi-criminal motor-vehicle offenses to the most serious indictable matters including murder and other homicide cases. Working in a collaborative firm model, we bring decades of criminal litigation experience to each cas.e

Our number one goal in any case is to achieve the best possible result for every one of our clients. This means recognizing that each case is unique and that each case requires a tailor-made approach.

Some people's matters are best resolved by negotiating with Crown counsel, while others can only be resolved by way of a full trial.

We have a long track record of conducting and winning trials and Crown counsel are more than aware that we treat every file from the outset as though it will ultimately go to trial. Trial work is what we do, and that translates into positive outcomes for our clients. As you can see from testimonials, our former clients attest to the fact that we will fight for you all the way to the end, even if that means having to appeal a matter to a higher court.

Members of our team have argued cases before the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.