Criminal Law

Jensen Law is unique, as it is first and foremost a criminal law boutique firm. This means that unlike other law firms, Jensen Law devotes the majority of its practice to defending clients facing criminal charges. As a result, Jensen Law’s lawyers are significantly more experienced when dealing with criminal law matters.

If you’re charged with a Criminal Offence, you should consider if it it’s in your best interest to hire a lawyer with limited experience in Criminal Defence. Both the Provincial and Federal Crown are represented by lawyers who practice only Criminal law, and those lawyers not only work together, but also have access to considerable resources.

With Jensen Law you can have your very own team of lawyers whose area of practice is focused on Criminal law. Conducting bail hearings, negotiating with Crown counsel, managing disclosure, planning a trial, picking a jury, and making sentencing submissions – each of these processes are incredibly complex and form a labyrinth which can be seemingly impossible to navigate.

But the good news is: we’re here to help.