Administrative Law and Judicial Review

Jensen Law’s lawyers are very accustomed to appearing on behalf of clients in a formal courtroom setting. As a result, we are also perfectly comfortable representing clients before administrative boards, councils and tribunals.

Canada Corrections, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, Human Rights Tribunals, the SPCA, and the Residential Tenancy Branch are just a handful of government agencies capable of rendering a judgment against you. These decisions are capable of dramatically affecting your life and livelihood, ranging from removing your ability to operate a motor vehicle, to evicting you from your rental property.

However, much like courts, these government agencies must follow a procedure designed to ensure the fairness of their decisions. By hiring Jensen Law, you are ensuring that you and your interests will be adequately heard and considered by these government agencies.

If a government agency has rendered a decision against you, it can be reviewed or appealed through either internal appeal mechanisms, or the process of Judicial Review. Jensen Law has successfully represented clients in reversing many decisions made by administrative agencies.